Ceylon tea has a world-wide reputation like Colombian Coffee, French Wine and Scotch Whisky
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Akbar Tea Jewel

The Jewel Collection. Sri Lanka Tea Board's famed 'Lion' logo is the certifying endorsement of Pure Ceylon Tea. Every item of products in Akbar Jewel Collection carries this Lion logo, Symbol of Quality. Try Red Garnet, Brown Gold, Yellow Gold, Blue Amethyst, Purple Alexandrite, Earl Grey and Green Emerald.

Black tea packed in 50g pack (Akbar Red Garnet, 50g)

0,70 EUR (€) 1,40 EUR (€)
Art. 118.B.LP-50g

Black tea packed in 100g pack (Akbar Red Garnet, 100g)

1,30 EUR (€) 2,60 EUR (€)
Art. 116.B.LP-100g

Black tea packed in 250g pack (Akbar Red Garnet, 250g)

4,90 EUR (€)
The product is not available
Art. 117.B.LP-250g

Black tea packed in tin (Akbar Purple Alexandrite, 300g)

4,95 EUR (€) 9,90 EUR (€)
Art. 124.B.LT-300g

Black tea packed in 100g pack (Akbar Blue Amethyst, 100g)

1,65 EUR (€) 3,30 EUR (€)
Art. 137.B.LP-100g

Black tea packed in pack (Akbar Blue Amethyst, 250g)

3,45 EUR (€) 6,90 EUR (€)
Art. 138.B.LP-250g

Black tea packed in 100g pack (Akbar Earl Grey, 100g)

1,65 EUR (€) 3,30 EUR (€)
Art. 149.B.LP-100g

Black tea packed in 100g pack (Akbar Yellow Gold, 100g)

1,65 EUR (€) 3,30 EUR (€)
Art. 150.B.LP-100g

Black tea packed in tin (Akbar Yellow Gold, 450g)

7,25 EUR (€) 14,50 EUR (€)
Art. 151.B.LT-450g

Did you know...
...More then 2 billion cups of tea are consumed every day in the world?
Did you know...
...Tea bricks were used as a form of currency?

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